I gained an interest in cosplay when I entered high school. Some of these are very old, but I've chosen to show them off anyway. 2021 UPDATE: I don't know when I'll be able to cosplay again, so this page probably won't see any updates for a long time. It will remain up, but no new content will be posted until I can find solutions to the situations that I'm in. I'm also having trouble finding photos of the BLU Medic cosplay, so that page may never be completed.

Completed Cosplays

Kanaya Maryam, Various, 2012-2013
No Image Available BLU Medic, Dallas Fan Expo, 2013 Sadly, I have yet to locate any photos of this particular cosplay. I wish I could find it - I even had a friend cosplaying BLU Heavy with me!
Scott "Cyclops" Summers, Various, 2015-2016
No Image Available Kolin, Absolute Battle 8, 2017

Works in Progress

Nothing right now!