Extra Information Page for Team Slime's Secret Santa 2019

Hi there! If you're seeing this page, one of two things are possible:

1. You're following me on Neocities, since I can't figure out how to hide updates.
2. You're participating in Team Slime's Secret Santa 2019!

This page is meant for whoever rolled me, but I don't mind if other participants or random people from Neocities look at this page. I thought doing this would be easier than infodumping on the gift thing since I can use images.

So, this is the one time of the year where I actually reveal anything about myself at all. Let's start with the obvious stuff. I'm That Genderfluid Guy who likes RPGs and fighting games. Old ones, new ones... whatever. I also like Quake, Doom, old school games in general.

I enjoy metal and punk music, mostly. Some EDM (trance, DnB...) too. Uh, and I like horror movies?

Now, the not-so obvious stuff... Fuck it, here's a big grid of my comfort characters. Mouse over for names if you don't recognize someone. A handful of these are from media I no longer consume, but I think it's a good look into the type of things I like.

Hmm, what else... uh, I've really been enjoying Shovel Knight, lately? I'm a big Cookie Run player, too. That's all I can think of.